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“Enjoying the Outside World” 

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”. (John Muir)


I Want To Be Outdoors

We like being outdoors, enjoying everything nature has to offer. We love to hike, paddle, explore, camp, sit around a campfire, watch the sun set and the moon rise…

We write about our camping and travel adventures, along with equipment recommendations, campground reviews, interesting places to visit and things to do, and more. We’ve always liked taking routes less traveled – sometimes getting lost along the way…

Update, September/2017: After spending a year and a half in Ecuador, we’ve returned to Canada. We spent 2 months in our home province of Nova Scotia, took a long-overdue trip to Newfoundland, then loaded up our old camper van and drove across Canada to new adventures on Vancouver Island, British Colombia.

Check out our cross-country trip here: Canada Coast to Coast – Our 2017 Cross-Country Trip

Happy Travels!

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